Learn About AmeriCorps for Seniors


There are multiple ways that you can give of your time and talents to help our consumers. Opportunities include driving for Meals on Wheels or helping out at one of our Senior Dining Centers, assisting with Money Management, Osteoporosis Exercise Class Leader, advocating for residents in nursing or rest homes, and providing office support.

Volunteer Opportunities

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

Becoming an Elder Services volunteer is a simple process. You will need to:

Complete an application below

Complete a CORI form (state law requires a criminal background check)

Interview with the Volunteer Resources Manager or the specific Program/Site manager

Complete orientation and training

Volunteer Application

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming an Elder Services volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the “Submit” button at the bottom.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Potential volunteers often are concerned about the time commitment. Once orientation and training are completed, most volunteers average one to two hours per week. Of course, many volunteers choose to do much more!

Sometimes volunteers find out that their initial assignment is not what they expected, but are reluctant to say so. We want you to enjoy your volunteer experience and will discuss other opportunities with you and find the best possible placement. The goal is to help you find an assignment that makes you want to come back again and again.

What Are Some of the Volunteer Opportunities?

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

This advocacy program provides nursing and rest home residents with a means and opportunity to voice their concerns about their care and treatment. Ombudsmen visit long-term care facilities on a weekly basis to monitor conditions and address residents’ concerns. Certification is required and provided for the Ombudsman position.

Money Management Program

This program assists income-eligible adults, sixty years or older, who may be at risk of losing their independence due to their failure to pay their bills on time. Volunteers meet with clients in their homes to assist with balancing checkbooks, paying bills, and managing money wisely. Certification training is required and provided for the Bill Payer positions.

Nutrition Program

Adults, aged sixty or older, can receive a daily nutritious meal through two Nutrition Programs. Meals-on-Wheels are delivered to elders who are unable to prepare a healthful meal for themselves. Volunteers are needed as Meal Packers or Meal Deliverers. For elders who are able to travel, nutritious meals and a social setting are available at Senior Dining Centers. Volunteers are needed at these sites as Servers/Greeters or as Kitchen Aides.

Volunteer Administrative Assistant

The Volunteer Administrative Assistant is responsible to the Volunteer Resources Supervisor. The purpose of the job is to assist the VRC manager in maintaining accurate records and in retrieving data needed for the running of the program and more…

Special Projects

Many people have special or unique skills. Elder Services is interested in talking to you about our needs and how individually designed projects can create an opportunity.

Group Partnerships

Elder Services utilizes partner groups to help accomplish our mission. We are happy to explore volunteer opportunities with your group.To find out more about volunteer opportunities contact the Volunteer Resources Manager at 1-508-394-4630 or 1-800-244-4630.

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