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Mature Workers Program

Testimonials from our participants and partners: 

"When I entered the program, I was terrified to go out and look for a job although I was well educated and had even run my own business at one time. Through my position at the Senior Center I gained insight into the needs of the community and regained confidence in myself."

 “Your Program provided me with a means to show to the potential employer--over an extended period of time--how well I could perform in such a position. It also provided on-the-job training, through your agreement with the library, in the various library functions needed to do the job.”

“Paul, our SCSEP trainee, really fills a gap in our staffing needs. Because he is an older worker returning to the workforce he is very enthusiastic about his job, works extremely hard and loves learning new things. We all really like him.”

"The Mature Worker Program Participant placed with us made an excellent contribution to our office and we appreciate having her with us.  We will put in a request to the town's budget to permanently fund this position."